Your efforts and goals to be in good shape that results in better health will usually include working out and losing weight.

Nevertheless, your best efforts to achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle may be frustrated by chronic ache joints or back pain.

We also touched upon the condition known as Osteoarthritis and its root causes.

While you should always check with your doctor and health professional before taking on strenuous exercise, below are some tips that helped me feel healthier and better.

 Wear the Best Equipment to Exercise and Train

I found that wearing the best running shoes for my foot and ankle type relieved a lot of stress in my ankles and feet. The most expensive brands however do not always equate to the best fitness shoes for your body type.

Nike shoes (some of the most expensive) were not my best choice, a running shoe called “The Beast”, about $125 actually was the most supportive for a big guy. Plus I also invested in good sports slippers by a company called “Keen”.

My wife (a very frugal lady) was incredulous when I invested over $100 each for both a running shoe and slipper-like shoes to wear around the house. However, these running shoes and sports slippers are both comfortable and offer a lot of support to my ankles.

I noticed my back and ankles feel much better after wearing these shoes. To me the over $225 was a great investment in supporting my ankles – knees – joints and back.

I noticed my running was pretty straightforward training. On the other hand basketball or sports with a lot of lateral movement challenged me with my knee condition.

Therefore, when playing these exercises I wear strong Ace fabric knee braces to support my knees.

You would be well advised to wear good supportive sports equipment and products when training for sports or your active lifestyle after 40.

Try Supplements for Nutritional Support

For years, you may have heard of joint support supplements like Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin working wonders for people with Osteoarthritis. I have used these products with good success.

Within days my joint pain, especially in my knees, is greatly diminished. Leading alternative and traditional wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. advocates the use of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin to help with joint support problems.

The best product that I have personally tried to help alleviate my knee and joint problems with my challenging workout goals is known as Phosoplex. It not only diminishes my knee pain, but my knees feel very stable and strong after using it for a couple of weeks.

Phosoplex lists both Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin as active ingredients but also includes Biocell Collagen ll as a cutting edge ingredient. Phosoplex is purported to use a time-released formula that is longer lasting than traditional Glucosamine supplements.

I don’t know all the scientific mumbo jumbo, but what I do know is it helps my joints feel a hell of a lot better – especially on damp rainy days. Combine losing weight, good sport equipment, eat healthy foods, and try some good supplements like Phosoplex and see if your joint pain is greatly diminished.

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