One of the most popular activities while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is golfing. In fact, that area has become very well known for it, with some people planning vacations specifically around golf. The Myrtle Beach area consists of over sixty miles of sunny beaches and is nicknamed the Grand Strand. An easy and affordable way to book a golf trip in this area is by booking it through a package deal.

The lodging in packages covers many options. There is everything from golf resorts to villas specifically meant for golfers, to hotel suites, to chain hotels, to beachfront condos, to luxury homes. This allows you to travel individually, as a family, with a friend, or within a group. No matter who your traveling companions will be, you will have adequate accommodations, with whichever amenities you are desiring.

Rounds of golf are included with all the different golf packages you will find for Myrtle Beach. Different packages obviously offer different courses. Just some courses offered are P. B. Dyes’ Founders Club at St James, George Cobb’s Bald Head Island Course, Freddy Couples Carolina National, The Eagles Nest, The Meadowlands, Tigers Eye, Thistle, The Witch, Shaftesbury Glen, Arrowhead, Byrd, Maples, Jones, Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Eye, Heather Glen, Glen Dornoch, and The Wild Wing Courses. Given all these choices, you could come back to the area often, and enjoy different courses every time.

The prices of the golf packages in Myrtle Beach vary, with most packages including accommodations for three or four nights, with three or four days of golf, and in most cases including three different golf courses. The time of year can also vary the price of a package, looking at off-season and in-season golfing for Myrtle Beach. The prices range anywhere from $169 to $605 depending on the package length, location, and time.

Golf is just one of the things that can be done in this well-traveled vacation area. There are amusement parks, water parks, shopping, theaters, and other nightlife, making enough things to do to fill your time when off the green, as well as offering your other traveling companions choices in activities if they don’t choose to golf along with you.

A package deal can be the best way to go for any golfer, serious in his pursuit or just pursuing a casual hobby. With so many choices, it can be the best option, especially considering you can have all your traveling secured with just one phone call.

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