Over the years, people have tirelessly looked for ways on how to kill termites effectively. These annoying creatures have certainly done enough damages in many homes resulting in billions worth of dollars every single year. In several states that are known to be massively infested with termites, they consider the seemingly harmless creatures as a formidable foe and real menace. It is not surprising to know that the damages caused by termites are far greater than the accumulated cost of repairs for fire, hurricane, and tornado. This is something that should be given serious action before the problems go out of hand and destroy more homes in the process.

There are actually a number of ways and approaches on how to kill termites; all of them have been proven to be quite effective and relatively easy. However, the critical factor when dealing with termites is detection. Since these insects are actually quite adept at staying well away from sight, most people are not able to detect their presence until they have done much damage already. This is because they are hidden within the wood, which explains why most people will not be able to notice them.

The most popular form of approach on how to kill termites is the method known as baiting. There are some pest control companies who claim that is the only method that can effectively wipe out the termite colony. This usually involves the use of toxicants or some toxic materials are placed near the colony or right at the path of the worker termites. Termites will then feed on the toxic baits and die, leaving the rest of the colony with no food. The queen termites and other reproductive will then die from starvation since they are all entirely dependent on the worker termites to bring them food. By eliminating the source of food, the colony will eventually crash down along with the remaining termites.

However, most American prefers a more passive approach on how to kill termites. Upon discovery of the coolly of termites making lunch out of their wooden structures, most of them would just simply hire the services of a pest control company in their locality. This will save them the trouble of being in close proximity with the creepy crawlers and won’t have to actually deal with toxic chemicals at the same time. Most companies would use the fumigating technique where they will spray out chemicals that can effectively eradicate the termites in every nook and cranny. The main downside of this approach is that people are actually forced out of their dwellings to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals in the air. They have to stay out of the house for 3-5 days, at a minimum. This can pose a big inconvenience for most home dwellers but certainly, a must especially if they hope to totally wipe out all termites in the house.

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