As a society, we have accepted the dangers of stress in many ways. Modern life, television, movies, the Internet, and other modern forms of entertainment all portray stress as something to be avoided at all costs. And it is – but that doesn’t mean it is an outright evil thing to be avoided.

Stress is a part of life that we’ve come to accept as normal and healthy. In fact, in some ways, stress can actually be beneficial – and we have the knowledge and tools to control stress.

The trick is in knowing how to balance the levels of stress in our lives. Luckily for us, there are many methods that will help us achieve this.

One method is called ‘the grey method’. It can be described in one word – relaxation. Relaxation isn’t the same thing as calm. Relaxation is the ability to allow our minds to just let go and do what we want them to do.

In order to relax, we must first try to imagine the problem and then picture ourselves doing things to solve it. Picture your mind wandering off to a relaxing place and imagine yourself deep breathing in deep. Allow your hands to fall down and rest on your tummy.

Picture in your mind what it would feel like to take in deep, slow, and controlled breaths. Now, picture yourself staying relaxed by alternating between these two sensations. You may find that you need to move your body a little bit before you become totally relaxed.

There are also techniques that work as short-term stress relief. These techniques may also help prevent future stress from occurring. One technique I personally use involves using a mandala image to block out negativity.

As I’ve said, I may need to use some imagination, but one thing I always keep in mind is that I need to relax to feel comfortable. For example, if I’m at work I can picture myself relaxing on a chair and sipping some tea, listening to a relaxing CD, or talking to someone. Do whatever it takes to relax and focus my attention on the task at hand.

I also want to remember that being in a state of relaxation is best when it is done as often as possible. Therefore, I make it a habit to meditate on a regular basis. Since I have ADHD, I often find that meditating at night before bed is much more effective.

Don’t overlook the importance of relaxation and stress relief. When we use both techniques, we can greatly improve our quality of life.

Remember that maintaining a healthy mind and body is also good for the heart and body. A healthy mind means a healthy body.

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