Gas prices are always a hot topic these days, as they have continued to rise and rise, with no sign of stopping or even slowing down. Many drivers are understandably frustrated, as they are being squeezed hard by the high prices, and seem to have no way to make gas more affordable for themselves. Since it may be foolish to expect a drop in gas prices anytime soon, one of the best ways to deal with the ridiculous price of gas is to look for whatever ways you can to reduce your gas usage.

Many of the best methods for reducing gas usage are also among the very easiest! This is very fortunate for those who do not have mechanical expertise or extra money to invest in products that make exaggerated claims of increased fuel efficiency. If you number yourself among the many that are growing tired of spreading themselves thin because of gas prices, take a look at some of these very simple and free ways to free yourself of some cost of gas.

Of course, it is obvious that when you do not drive your car, you use no fuel, which is easily the most affordable option of them all. However, if your car stays parked at home, so do you! What are the alternatives when you have places to go and people to see? Well, a carpool is a great option, if you can make it work. Carpools have been around for years and are quite common. With a carpool system, you can reduce your impact on the environment while you also reduce the impact of gas prices on your wallet!

Most people think of carpools as a way to get to work, but if you know someone who lives near you that has other places to go, you can still carpool! If you have to go to the mall, for instance, check and see if one of your neighbors wants to go, as well. Maybe next time, they will return the favor.

Smart trip planning is another weapon that consumers have to fight the roaring albatross that is gas prices. To swing this deadly blade and slay the beast, simply plan ahead when you go out to make sure that you consolidate all of your shopping and errand-running needs into one trip. If you live in a small town and must take the highway to get shopping done, it is even more important to plan your trips well to avoid excess driving!

One big “no-no” that is easily avoided is leaving your car’s engine on when you are not going anywhere. This can include when you run in quickly to the store or gas station, or when you are waiting for a friend to come outside, so you can go somewhere together. In most cases, it will make much more sense to simply turn your engine off. If you are not currently moving, there is no reason to have your engine on, anyway!

Finally, avoid having excess weight in your car when you are driving around. This means that you do not want to leave items that you do not need in your car for long periods of time, particularly if they are somewhat heavy. This also means that you probably want to make friends with very light people! Well, that may not be true, but it is important to reduce the weight in your car since every 100 pounds can cause you a loss of 1 or 2 percent of your fuel economy.

It is plain to see that increasing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency does not have to be a complicated or expensive process. It is important to remember that there are alternatives to simply staying home and not driving if you want to save money on gas. The trick is simply to be a bit smarter about where, when, and how you drive!

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