The first step to the realization of lasting wealth is to know what wealth means to you. What is it that you are searching for? Remember that happiness is not a destination but a way of traveling through life’s journey. Happiness is not an oasis that lies at the edge of the desert, a place that you reach only when you are prosperous. Study many of the greatest success stories of our time, and they will say that they were happiest when they were starting to build their massive fortunes. They were happiest when they were working against the odds and had the raging fire of ambition and determination burning in their bellies. Determine to be happy now, not later. This requires nothing more than a conscious choice on your part. Once you’ve figured out very clearly what wealth means to you and what your key destination, is the next step is to develop what is know as a prosperity consciousness. To be wealthy, you must think wealthy. As with all success, everything begins with the mind since your outer world reflects your inner world. Recognize that the mind is a treasure house of power to bring you all the richness you seek. It will soon come as surely as the night follows day.

Every man and woman in this world was born to succeed, be wealthy, and be prosperous. The potential for prosperity is one of your most essential human qualities, whether you realize it or not. If there is not an abundance of all that you desire in your life, do something about it and do something this very day. It all begins by tapping the hidden and magical powers of that part of your mind: your subconscious mind.

Before you can do wonders in the outside world, you must first raise your standards about what you can do in your inner world. Every thought concentrated in the direction of your dreams is like a little nugget of gold, advancing you confidently in the direction of lasting life wealth. When your every thought is in the direction of where you want to go in your life, your actions follow and become productive ones. Everything is created twice: once as a blueprint in the mind’s eye and later in your reality. The process is very similar to the work of an architect who first drafts a sketch and plan of the way things will look in the building and then methodically follows this blueprint to create the structure. Thoughts truly do become things. You are developing that state of magical thinking known as prosperity consciousness. You will start attracting tremendous opportunities and gifts that you never thought possible. What are you creating today?

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