A number of different ailments can affect your back and result in you having a backache. A common backache may result from a wrong posture or improper range of motion, but there are many other causes of back pains that you should be aware of.

After experiencing sudden back pain, it is best to consult a doctor right away so that an exact diagnosis can be made. Once your doctor has a better idea of what is wrong, they will tell you the right type of treatment that you need. In many cases, a visit to the doctor, and a physical examination will reveal the source of your back pain.

The causes of back pain can vary depending on which part of your body is involved. Below is a list of the most common reasons for having back problems:

The spinal cord is the bundle of nerves running through your spine. It transmits impulses to your brain about your movement. Spinal cord compression is a condition when the spinal cord becomes compressed. This causes your brain to miscommunicate what your spine is doing and this could make you experience backache.

Poor lifting habits may lead to bad posture. Bad posture could easily lead to strain on your muscles or joints.

Bad posture may also result from using a stairlift or a manual wheelchair. This may lead to the person having back problems or even fainting.

Pain medications and muscle relaxant drugs are often prescribed by doctors to patients who are suffering from backache. Before taking any medication, consult your doctor to get your full medical history. He or she will help you determine whether the medication is appropriate for your condition.

Sciatica is a condition that results from a damaged nerve in the spinal cord and the muscles and nerves that run up and down the leg. To treat sciatica, doctors generally use one of two methods. One method is to treat the symptoms of the condition such as pain and numbness caused by the condition while the other method involves creating an artificial hole in the bone called a sciatica treatment.

Acupuncture is a very effective treatment method that helps treat chronic back pain with only a small amount of pain medication. In acupuncture, special needles are used to stimulate the meridians in the body.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common types of pain medications used to treat back pain. They help the patient avoid becoming habituated to pain medications.

In addition to medical treatments, exercise can be one of the best treatments for back pain. Proper exercise, which can be done even without medication, can help you strengthen your muscles and ligaments so that they will not be susceptible to injury.

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