Public speaking is something that everyone dreads. They’ve all heard it, probably thousands of times. Just by reading that sentence, it’s clear to see how much a person loathes public speaking. Some people just don’t even want to be in a room full of people and that is a problem!

Think about it, people are judging you and your abilities based on the first few minutes of your speech. Your potential clients will know what you are or aren’t worth it. How do you think your life would be if you weren’t going to work? You wouldn’t have to worry about how many people come to your door because you would have no need for people to know who you are.

You could always market yourself on your own. This of course would mean there is someone else being judged by the people who come into your home. It’s not healthy for you.

To help stop this problem, I believe there is an effective solution. You’re in luck because I’m going to share it with you. You’re about to find out how I overcame my fear of public speaking and you’re going to find out how you can overcome yours too.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to overcome this terrible problem. It all starts with taking action. Every time you put yourself in a stressful situation that you don’t want to be in you’re wasting time.

There’s no new way to do this, but it’s a great way to approach stressful situations. Take action, start facing problems, and then make a decision about the solution. Do you want to stay positive and go forward or do you want to confront it? Take action and face the problem.

If you are having trouble with the solution then you need to prepare. Think about what you would say to yourself if you were in a room with thousands of people. How would you answer that question?

With that in mind, you can get a general idea about what your answer should be. You will then be able to give your response using a simple sentence like “I need to take care of this. Now if it were me “I’ll have to stop this at least for now.”

If you feel like you just can’t finish that sentence without falling apart then don’t take on that public speaking task. It’s not worth it and you’ll just end up hating yourself for it.

It might also help if you just take time to see if you have a negative response to what could be a positive situation or person in public speaking. Do you worry that this person could cause you to say something you don’t want to say? Well, the answer is yes.

Write down the answer so you can work it into your speech without being in a bad place to overcome your fears. It might be helpful to ask a friend to assist you in this process.

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