First, flight attendants exist because airlines are required by law to hire them. While their primary duty is to make sure that safety rules and regulations are followed, they are also in charge of making the flight more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.

Flight attendants make sure that safety rules and regulations are followed through some procedures. First, they would educate the passengers on things that are not allowed to be done and what to do in case of emergencies such as water landing or when the plane is short of oxygen. Then, they would tell passengers if something wrong is being done and correct them.

Flight attendants are also the ones to call if ever passengers would need anything from food to anything else the airline can offer to its passengers. They are also the ones to ask if every passenger has any questions. Because the job itself would deal with being exposed to a lot of people, excellent communication skills, as well as patience, are necessary in order to become effective in this profession.

Working Conditions

Since airlines operate all year round and around the clock, flight attendants may work any time of the day, on weekends, and on holidays. While the minimum working hours per day would be 12 hours most of the time, some airlines would implement a minimum of 14 hours a day. Flight attendants who cater to international flights are the ones more likely to be exposed to this shift since international flights would naturally take very long hours.

While this is a lot of work, it is justly compensated through generous salaries and benefits which are sure to be enjoyed by the flight attendants.

Because this work would require a lot of travel, flight attendants should be flexible, reliant, and willing to relocate. A flight attendant would constantly be exposed to different people and different places with that, the ones mentioned above are necessary in order to become effective in this job.

Job Qualifications

Generally, a high school diploma is the main requirement in order to be qualified for this job, however; more airlines have been requiring college diplomas lately. It would also be an advantage if an applicant has experience in dealing with the public. Those who speak two or more languages also have an edge as this would be desirable for airlines since they can use these types of flight attendants for international flights.

Airlines also have physical standards for flight attendants. First, they have to be tall enough to reach the cabin. Males would also need a clean haircut, would have to be clean-shaven, and must have no visible tattoos and piercings. Generally, all flight attendants have to look better than average.

Job Outlook And Salary

Employment of flight attendants is seen to be increasing at a constant rate until around 2016. Competition is expected to be tighter than more and more people are getting qualified for this position.

Flight attendants are expected to earn anywhere between $23,000 and $95,000 with the average earnings being $43,400. Generally, flight attendants are also given a generous number of benefits. When they would be required to stay in a foreign place, their hotel expenses would be shouldered by the airline. They are also given generous meal allowances.

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