Public speaking is a skill, a talent, or a curse. It all depends on the person speaking. Some people seem to have it all worked out. I’m not talking about the religious wise guys like Amway man, but rather the type of people that can get up and make a living speaking in front of thousands of people at the local college or other public gatherings.

The other side of public speaking is confident speaking confidence. That means not only are you sure of your audience but your ability to persuade people that are there to hear you is very high. Yet another set of people are confident enough to express themselves and there is no question that they will speak their minds to the person listening.

For those who can speak with authority and power, public speaking is their calling. They seem to be the people that make all the money in the world, having made quite a few million selling their wisdom to a lot of different individuals. What do they know that most of us don’t?

One of the main reasons why a person would want to get into teaching or run for public office is that the top guy already knows about everything and everyone. The question is, what’s in it for him?

Sure, he may be a good speaker and all the tricks of the trade but is it because of his public speaking ability or because he is a hired gun working for someone else? There are many people, though, that can be great public speakers yet are really shy or afraid to be in the spotlight. They might even be practicing law.

If you have a public speaking problem or have been given a public speaking class, take action, get started. It could be as simple as taking up dancing or spending some time in the country without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of the public speaking world may be just what you need to improve on what you know, find more ways to practice, or just stay away from the public speaking class. You have to remember that there is a big difference between wanting to learn and doing the work.

Do not rely on public speaking to teach you or help you succeed in life. In fact, it’s not a school and it’s not a business.

One day you may walk into that room and the next day you might find yourself looking around in wonder. You’ll see some things you didn’t expect to see and hear others that you never expected to hear. You may even find yourself running for the door in tears, but if you don’t keep working on your public speaking skills, you may never find out if you ever had any, to begin with.

The secret is to start now to develop your public speaking skills and stay away from the public speaking classes. If you are in the position where you need to take up a public speaking class to help improve your speaking skills, then by all means take the class, but don’t get yourself so wrapped up in the concept that you forget the basics.

Remember, public speaking is a skill, but not one that should be taught from an early age. It can be learned, but not one day, but with a life that’s lived daily and with a daily desire to learn and grow in terms of your speaking skills.

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