In every human society, at some time or other, people ask “Is aging natural?” The answer for most societies is, “Yes.” However, what many people fail to understand is that aging is not natural, it is merely the sum of our heredity and culture. It is important to recognize that the quality of our experiences with aging is influenced by our environment, rather than the other way around.

Heredity, the strength of our genes, is what makes us what we are. One must look no further than our grandfathers to see this truth. Our grandparents are a part of our lineage, and in the next generation, we can trace our ancestors’ experiences with aging. Thus, we learn from our grandparents, but the quality of our experience with aging is still in us. We also inherit certain patterns of aging, such as being more apt to get sick and to develop illnesses and diseases later in life.

These are the early stages of aging that our culture produces. What determines the amount of aging that each person goes through is the quality of the experience of life. This includes healthy living and the proper choice of diet.

If a person chooses the wrong diet and participates in unhealthy lifestyles, these factors are likely to play a role in his or her good health and longevity. For example, those who smoke and consume a lot of alcohol and drugs live shorter lives than those who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Quality of life has a direct effect on the quality of the experience of aging. As one ages, the body begins to build up a kind of resistance against some aspects of life. As one becomes less fit, he or she may find it harder to cope with the symptoms of illness. Physical exercise and eating right may help.

One thing that age cannot overcome is heredity, which, in effect, determines what will be experienced in a person’s life. Many research studies suggest that the impact of one’s early life can be traced to the quality of his or her experience with aging.

The reality is that the majority of illnesses and diseases that affect people in their golden years are being caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, and the failure to receive adequate health care. These factors contribute to early degenerative diseases and other conditions. If we want to avoid this, we must learn how to properly care for ourselves. The benefits of eating a well-balanced diet and getting adequate exercise may prove quite worthwhile in the course of aging.

There are many options for health care in old age. The good news is that there are plenty of solutions that can be easily accessed and implemented. Medications and devices can be purchased over the counter. A visit to the doctor is often a necessity for disease management.

But many people don’t wish to accept the fact that the best solutions are in a doctor’s office, and that they need numerous products to address the problems that they face with aging. The best solution to these issues is actually right in our own homes. In fact, there are an abundance of products available that can help people alleviate their problems with aging.

So, instead of having to turn to the medical establishment to get the answers that they so desperately need, they can address the issues themselves and do it with ease. With all the various products available, the problem of aging becomes a matter of personal choice. People are encouraged to choose their own products and to apply them in the context of their personal needs.

While aging is natural, as the old saying goes, there is also the need to take steps towards regaining a new quality of life and to ensure that these opportunities are accessible to those who are aging. The road to wellness is a road paved with healthy choices, a healthy perspective, and a healthy body and mind.

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