One of the many myths associated with belly fat is that it only comes from a fat diet. Belly fat can be eliminated with a proper weight training program, but you need to understand why belly fat can be stubborn fat. When you workout to lose weight, it works two ways. It is very important that you are burning calories, so let’s look at that.

Your metabolism rises when you burn more calories than you consume. If you use more calories than you consume, you can expect your body to store them as fat, because your body was not meant to do that. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will gain weight, but it does mean that your metabolism will raise. So the next time you see the counter at the food store say, “Oh my gosh I did the right thing, I used more calories then I ate”.

That way you can start burning your belly fat for good. To speed up metabolism, you will need to start using an exercise and diet routine that raises your metabolism. The easiest way to do this is to use cardio, and nothing else.

Cardio burns fat much faster than it burns muscle. If you get in shape cardio will make you look better, and it will help you lose fat and tone your muscles. The easiest form of cardio is running. Running over 30 minutes three times a week will speed up your metabolism considerably.

Losing fat by cardio will make you look a lot better than just sweating it out on the treadmill. You’ll lose that belly fat because you are burning fat from your whole body. You will also be eating right and maintaining your weight, so that will raise your metabolism even more, and since you have a lot of fat on your muscles, you will lose weight and the belly fat will be gone too.

You don’t need to stop doing weight training to speed up your metabolism. Weight training gives you the best results and you should be doing it every day to increase your metabolic rate.

Even though speed is very important to burning fat, you should also exercise to prevent weight gain. You need to eat more, get more exercise, and have a balanced diet. Fat-free milk and natural protein are the best way to prevent weight gain. You should eat more protein if you are fat.

Speed up your metabolism, but don’t use any kind of sugar substitutes to do so. These are dangerous and could be very harmful. If you want to speed up your metabolism you will need to burn carbs and sugar in the body and this can be done without the negative side effects.


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