First, let me tell you selling on eBay is easy, but it takes time or money. eBay has fees that you have to pay and if you want to grow quickly you will spend a lot on fees while you are learning.

My wife had an eBay business and she was a Gold Power Seller selling more than $20,000 per month. She sold mostly watches, lots and lots of watches. She sold them wholesale, by the dozen or by the case, 30 to 60 at a time. They were inexpensive watches; we paid from $2.50 to $4.00 for each one and sold them from $3.50 to $12.00 depending on the quantity purchased.

All the techniques and suppliers we used are included in my e-book or in my exclusive newsletters you get as a free bonus when you buy my e-book.

When selling on eBay there are several tricks. Let me tell you the 3 tricks I think are the most important.

The funny thing is we only sold wholesale on eBay. And it seemed we were the only ones really selling wholesale. Most people selling at ‘wholesale prices’ were selling at about 3 times what we could get any of their items.

Many of our customers had eBay stores, others had convenience stores or gift stores, many of them had other businesses and wanted giveaways for their customers.

This is only a small example of what you can do with Wholesale Distribution. And believe me, it’s not the most profitable one of the easiest to start. In my e-book you will find cheaper, faster ways of getting started in wholesale distribution and make even more money than what I made on eBay. I made much more from my other wholesale distribution businesses than what I made on eBay and I worked less too.

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