The leading cause of premature death among teenagers is suicide, and Journaling helps teenagers deal with difficult situations, especially stressful ones. Before you go into too much detail, it is important to remember that Journaling does not cure cancer.

Journaling has nothing to do with psychotherapy, although it has been proven to help people with all kinds of mental illnesses. Mental health disorders range from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to Depression, which is usually associated with chronic pain. Journaling is a specific form of self-care, which works well for many adults who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There are many uses for Journaling; one way to help prevent suicide is to keep a journal and write about what is happening in your life, especially if you have mental health issues. You can write about things that happened when you were still at school, when you were travelling, or even before you had children.

Writing about what is happening in your life keeps you looking and sounding head and shoulders above others and being able to relate the events in your life to a specific period makes it easier to deal with. It is a good idea to have an end date on your journal so you can look back on it and compare the events of your life to when you made certain decisions. This can also be used by people who suffer from depression and the reasons for certain decisions are more clear.

The first and most obvious benefit is the fact that you have an example of a time when you had a very traumatic event. Journaling helps people when they need to take action to help them move on. It is easy to get stuck in patterns and not know how to cope with different situations.

Another benefit is the ability to add the positive affirmations to your Journaling. It is not easy to write down words that can make us feel happy but when we can identify how we feel and do what we can, the benefits of Journaling is realised.

The key component to keeping a Journal is not to procrastinate. The best time to start a Journal is the time when you do not want to think about anything at all because when you are not focused on what is going on you will find that your Journal is full of negative events that can make you feel miserable.

Journaling allows you to get organised and then when you have time, there are events that you are able to reflect on, no matter what is going on in your life. This means that you can bring positive change in your life. For instance, it is often reported that women who do not have children live longer than those who do.

There are many instances where a good Journal can play a positive role in a person’s life. For instance, when they are going through a bereavement or another difficult period, they can look back and remember the feelings they felt during that time.

Journaling is also a simple technique to use and it does not involve any emotional involvement, unlike therapy. Journaling helps you to identify what things are causing you problems and you are better placed to deal with it if you have something written down. It is important to note that Journaling does not help anyone to cure a disease but it can be a good way to deal with it if the situation is an emotional one.

The most positive benefit of Journaling is that it offers you a solution to how to cope with difficult situations. For instance, if you have issues with your family or other people in your life then Journaling can help you figure out how to deal with them.

Journaling is an excellent way to cope with life and it can be applied to any kind of difficult situation. There are some definite benefits to Journaling and it is not just a way of escapism.


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