It happens to the majority of new advertisers after they run their first AdWords campaigns. In addition, you probably think that making money with AdWords is just another swindle and it does not work.

Well, there can be many reasons why there was not a single sale made. Moreover, one of the reasons may be — *affiliate product selection*.

The online e-books like GoogleCash and GoogleAdwords123 have excellent sections about how, where, and why to select one or another affiliate program to advertise using Google AdWords.

When choosing a profitable product you have to check the sales letters carefully, product owners should pay high commissions, place lifetime cookies on visitors’ browsers, etc.

However, what I couldn’t find in any of the e-books that I have read so far is that you should promote two-tier or residual income (with lifetime commissions) programs.

When you promote your affiliate links, you need to know two very important things about two-tier programs:

1. You will earn big money on every direct sale you make.

2. You will make even more money when people use it to sign up under you and start promoting it! Imagine an entire army of several 100’s, each selling the affiliate products – this would mean 100’s of commissions for you, altogether equalling $1,000’s in your pocket every month!

Good examples of residual income affiliate programs are hosting companies. My websites, for example, are hosted at Host4Profit:

Host4Profit offers killer tools at an affordable price and is easy to handle.

If only you could recruit several customers for two-tier or residual income products or services, you could make thousands of lifetime.

Therefore, for locating the affiliate niche market, the first thing about the topics, you are interested in. For example, this could be:

Sports -> Specifically: Soccer

Pets -> Dogs -> Dog Pictures

Cooking Indian Cuisine -> Curry recipes

And so on. Notice how we have broken down those main categories into sub-categories. Now this could be taken further and further

Soccer -> Learning foot tricks

Dogs -> Dog Pictures

Curry Recipes -> For the lactose intolerant (curries contain a lot of cream!)

This is niche thinking in action.

Do not get stuck on too broad niche categories. Most new affiliates face this common mistake!

After you have found your niche, you should examine if an affiliate product already exists for this niche. Remember first to look for the two-tier or residual income affiliate programs.

If you cannot find one, another option is the Clickbank catalog:

Act now; select your target niche, an affiliate program, and implement the strategy that we just talked about. This is what super-affiliates do. They implement new ideas immediately.

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