After you have decided on which home business opportunity best suits you, an even more difficult task awaits you. You will have to start building a strong customer or client base. Without customers, your business will not exist. This is the most important task to perform no matter what business you join. There is no business that can exist without a network of customers or clients.

Some people believe that in order to build a network, they must start cold calling people or pressuring them to become a customer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The best way to gain new customers is to provide a good service so that your existing customers will recommend your product or service to others. This is how your customer base will expand. Word of mouth will always be a better networking tool than going door to door.

Even with the benefit of positive word of mouth, you will still have to do some networking to help your business. This does not mean that you need to pick up the phone and start calling complete strangers, but it does mean that you will have to start promoting your site and advertising your business by performing network marketing activities.

If you want to succeed in your home business, you will have to advertise it. Do not believe that once you have established clients that you will be able to stop promoting. Your goal is to constantly try to bring in new customers while keeping your existing customers satisfied.

Customers are whimsical. They may buy your product today, but tomorrow they may find something better. People often search for a cheaper price for the same product or decide not to use the product at all. When your existing customers start purchasing elsewhere, you will have had to have brought in new customers to compensate for any customers you may lose.

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