There has been so much fuss about how to get the best links back to your site. A lot suggested that reciprocal linking is the way to go and yet you get these reminders that not necessarily all backlinks are credited by search engines especially Google to a particular site if such link source is not related to your site.

Another is the submission to website directories which is a really overrated form of pr improvement, the benefits of submitting to these directories are not equal to the effort you put into it.

Directory Submission is a very tiring process where you must first find which directories are free submission sites because as a personal experience most of the website directories on the web are paid services. Some would even cloak product marketing by using a commonly formatted paid directory submission software just to improve the homepage visibility and pr rank.

And the most discouraging about website directory submission is that in the process of adding your site to the directory many of the free directory submission sites would require you to immediately put up a reciprocal link to their site even before your site is approved. The result would be they do not approve your site and their site already has a backlink from your site.

Now, you would think that how can that be a problem?

Why don’t you just erase their site if your site doesn’t get approved? EASIER SAID THAN DONE! imagine compiling around 300 to 500 directory sites and submitting your site to all these sites. Would you think you will have the energy to check site number 20 or 35 or 58 if they have approved your site if you are busy submitting your site to directory site number 90 or say site number 134? I don’t think so.

For me and for the majority of the wise internet marketers the number 1 most effective way of improving backlinks and in the process promoting your product or site with a personal touch is …. ARTICLE SUBMISSION

Here are a few advantages of Article Submission:

1. You get the much-coveted backlink needed for the improvement of the PR ranking of your site

2. You get the personal touch of promoting your site or product to the reader of the article.

3. Unlike reciprocal linking and website directory submissions… Article Submission is a viral process.

are a source of articles for hundreds or even thousands of hungry content webmasters and then finding your article in 100 or more e-zine and content sites in just a matter of weeks.

In my own experience after submitting my article to the big boys such as Article Avenue and Article City etc. in just a month’s time I already have hundreds of backlinks hitting my site not mentioning that my article is in the top 10 of its major keyword in major search engines.

Now, wouldn’t that be a hell lot of a lighter job to accomplish!

Here is the Process of ARTICLE SUBMISSION:

Start making your article now and put a lot of thinking into it because one well-written article is all you need to get your site to the top.

After creating your article submit it immediately to the big movers of articles which are:

After submitting to a few other more article directories, just sit and wait for the fruits of your not-so-hard but effective labor.

Good luck and See you at the top.

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