The popular Mediterranean diet recommends the consumption of avocado. Avocado provides almost all the nutrients of whole grains plus vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Avocado is very filling and is not a lot of work to make it a meal. Avocado, when used as a vegetable, provides a huge amount of vitamin A which protects the body from ultraviolet light, stimulates the production of collagen, aids in the treatment of acne, prevents cholesterol accumulation, improves overall eye health and helps improve mental functioning.

Enjoy avocado and chocolate together for breakfast — swap your usual toast with guacamole, chopped cheddar, and avocado and enjoy this treat any time of the day. You can also enjoy chocolate and avocado together, sometimes mashed avocado goes really well with a chocolate hazelnut spread.

In addition to Avocado, you need to choose the right combination of foods when following the Mediterranean diet plan. Many people confuse avocado with apricots.

A combination of avocados and oats is also good for the skin, it contains much vitamin C and is rich in proteins. For a treat, blend a scoop of the oatmeal with your favorite fruit like banana or apple. Top the mixture with a tiny pinch of salt for the ultimate treat.

A great way to enjoy avocados is through an avocado smoothie. This is very versatile as it can be used for any recipe you can think of. However, some of the health benefits of eating avocados include reducing weight and improving metabolism and circulation.

Dieting is not of much importance as to what you eat. It is more important how you eat. Try out all your faves and stay away from the ones that contain too much sugar.

A healthy and tasty way to get more fruits and vegetables is to use avocados, banana, celery, cauliflower, low-fat yogurt, carrots, cucumber, almonds, strawberries, apricots, strawberries, and so on. Avocado for breakfast, avocado for lunch, avocado for dinner, and the list goes on.

When adding avocado to a salad add in a dash of salt and some fresh lime juice, a little bit of spicy cashew sauce, a bit of coconut milk, and a bit of fresh cilantro. Yum!

The final step to a healthy diet is to make sure that you follow a detox diet. Detoxification helps in cleansing the colon. Increased levels of excretion of waste materials is a result of heavy consumption of refined carbohydrates, processed sugars, and fats.

If you do not have the time to go through the detailed menu plans for a regular diet plan, you can simply pick up a guide to achieve the right kind of diet. You will still reap all the nutritional benefits from the good old Mediterranean diet.

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