There are many ways to improve your manicure and pedicure, but the most important factor is how you keep your nails looking great. This is the key to a flawless and beautiful manicure and pedicure. Here are some great tips for keeping your nails shiny and healthy.

Clean Your Nails – Don’t forget to polish your nails. You may want to use a good nail polish remover, or just use a good quality soap. A good quality cleanser is also essential. Try to keep your nails clean at all times. The condition of your nails may not be perfect, but if you are always careful, your nails will look much better.

Cuticles – You should not cuticles the ends of your nails. Instead, trim them at least an inch long and clip them in a manner that does not allow them to fray. They should also be rounded, so they will not be obvious when you wear shoes or socks.

Brushing – If you are doing a pedicure, you should brush your nails after they have been cleaned. Use a pedicure gel to give your nails the polish that they need.

Apply Toiletry Before Your Pedicure – Always make sure to clean your hands before your pedicure. You should remove your makeup, if any, and clean your hands thoroughly before you get into the pedicure room. This will make sure that you will have clean hands before and after your pedicure.

Get Glitter – You can put on a gloss before your pedicure. You can also get a glitter polish that is mixed with a base to give your nails a nice shine. If you plan to apply the polish on your nails, it is best to use a pedicure gel polish so that the polish will be applied evenly.

Keep Your Pedicure Bed Clean – One thing that you will do that you will not often do is to keep your pedicure bed spotless. The skin around your feet has thousands of germs on it, so you will want to keep it clean.

Get a Pedicure Shield – Another great tip for keeping your nails healthy is to wear a pedicure shield. This will help you keep your nails from getting dirty so that you do not end up scratching them.

Wear Lips in the Winter – It is very easy to get nail fungus in the winter. You can keep your nails healthy by wearing protective gloves in the winter.

Get Healthy Nails – You can use nail polish to create a longer appearance for your nails, but this will not make them look healthier. Keep your nails healthy by not walking around barefooted and using a pedicure gel on them daily.

Cleaning Your Nails – Don’t forget to clean your nails on a regular basis. Use a pedicure scrub to keep your nails in good condition.

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