Think carefully about what your child needs when you teach right from wrong. Research reveals 92% of high school students say they are satisfied with their own ethics and character, yet 1/4 admit stealing within the past year. (Josephson Institute of Ethics)

You gave your child the gift of life. Give your child character too. The method below offers you a 3-D Character Building Activity.

I remember counseling with an overworked mom who gave very little time to her daughter. The police caught 10-year-old Jessica shoplifting not once but twice. Children who steal at an early age may be filling a hole in their hearts – lack of time with their parents. Find out how Jessica’s mom used the Character Building Activity below to stop Jessica from becoming a habitual shoplifter.

1. Discover – Jessica’s mom questioned, listened well, and discovered how Jessica thought and felt. She learned that Jessica did have a hole in her heart.

2. Decide – Jessica’s mom decided to help Jessica change her mind about stealing toys and candy to fill that hole.

3. Design -Jessica’s mom designed a plan to fill her daughter’s heart with a loving bond.

Jessica’s mom taught Jessica how to make salads and start the dinner. When she came home from work, they continued making the meal together. While sharing this task, they chatted about their day. Jessica’s mother gave Jessica more praise, hugs, and kisses. They also drank bedtime tea together. How could these changes solve Jessica’s shoplifting problem?

Jessica had felt cast aside, unimportant, and unloved before her mom took time with her. As her mom thought carefully about Jessica’s needs and used the 3-D Activity, Jessica grew connected. When her mom took the time to share, listen, and do tasks together, Jessica’s heart filled with a bonding love. When her mom sipped bedtime tea with her, Jessica stopped stealing candy and toys to make herself feel whole. Jessica’s a teenager now, and to my knowledge, she hasn’t stolen since.

To think carefully about what your child needs when you teach right from wrong:

Discover how your child thinks and feels.

Decide what thoughts and feelings need improvement.

Design a plan that helps your child grow.

Use this 3-D Character Building Activity often to ensure your child becomes a person of character and not a disappointing statistic.

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