There are two kinds of stress – the kind that seems out of your control and the kind that is not. Which ones do you consider the good kind? The kind that is caused by uncontrollable events?

I’m a little wary of any statement that stresses the non-causal nature of stress because stress involves both cognitive and emotional responses, and these respond differently to the cause of the stress. An argument based on this is very flawed for the reason that it is an oversimplification.

The reason is that while you can’t control the external stimulus that causes stress, you can control your emotional aspects. Thus you can identify the negative effects of stress on your body. For example, if a stressful event involves a blow to the face, the outcome of this event is immediate – instant pain and an increase in adrenaline levels. But if the person is suffering from depression because of a bad work performance, the results can be hidden.

People who have self-destructive tendencies have many reasons people suffer from stress. They may be overly critical of themselves or they may be in denial about a particular situation. Because of their tendency to focus too much on the negative, they can end up experiencing the negative consequences of their stress in the form of psychological and physical problems. These negative consequences are only noticed later in life when they become serious enough to prevent their optimum health and happiness.

Negative results of stress are not only due to the physical effects of stress but also on the psychological aspects. Studies show that people who experience stressful life events are less able to function well at work, at home, and at social occasions and they suffer more emotional problems than others.

Most of us experience the latter type of stress, and we tend to internalize it and keep ourselves busy by using many excuses. Many people are tired of trying to find the right answer and have a long list of excuses to try to cope with this kind of stress.

Stress can also bring many different health problems. The increase in blood pressure that can be triggered by stress can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke and in some cases, even death.

Overcoming stress causes are many, ranging from being able to quit smoking to have a good night’s sleep. If you suffer from stress, be sure to always find time to relax or exercise or both, and always listen to music that makes you feel happy. Learn to say “No” to your harmful habit.

But to really help yourself with stress management, you need to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle which includes eating foods rich in sugar, caffeine, and alcohol as well as a healthy diet. For the long term, these will only add to your stress, so be sure to avoid them at all costs. Besides, avoiding the daily intake of sugar as well as alcohol will also help you lose weight.

Eat meals at the same time every day to prevent your body from becoming stressed out. Also, try to follow a daily routine and do things as you did when you were younger to create the habit of living in the present.

People with regular problems with stress can improve themselves through meditation and relaxation techniques. And since stress doesn’t just affect people, it can also affect those who are close to them.

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